Item: Dragon
MSRP: (USD) $89.99
Barcode: 609465983097

The Elf miniature featured in these photos is a converted Avatars of War Elf Hero miniature, which is NOT included with the Dragon. It is just there to show scale. Avatars of War makes fantastic miniatures and you should check them out!

The main ideas with the Ultraforge Dragon is versatility and playability. You can choose whichever miniature you want to represent your own dragon rider, and with several riders you can use the Dragon with several armies! Just paint the Dragon in some neutral colors so it will blend with multiple armies. If the Dragon dies in combat just grab your rider from the platform and plop him on the table. No more having to paint up both a rider and a rider on foot! It is all about playability and we hope you enjoy getting the most out of your Ultraforge Dragon.

The Ultraforge Dragon comes with 6 disc magnets included. These are meant to be glued into place. Once your Dragon wings are magnetized it makes storing and transporting your Dragon much easier. You can also glue a magnet into your riders base and one under the rider platform, making things much safer for your valuable miniature. These magnets are so strong that you can hold the miniature upside down and everything stays in place!
The original Dragon and its custom 50mmx50mm square base were sculpted by Sophia and Jeremy of Ultraforge. We can proudly say that every bit of this miniature has been sculpted with the closest attention to detail and we are very proud of the results.The Dragon Resin Kit comes un-assembled and un-painted. Each of the 15 pieces included in this kit (two arms, one body, one leg and one 50mm square scenic base, two horns, two wing ports, two Dragon wings, one howdah, one head, one jaw, one tail) are cast from a very high quality tan resin. This miniature stands approx. 5 inches in height when assembled.

This miniature kit also comes with 6 powerful magnets included. These magnets will never lose their charge and can be used to hold your wings in place as well as the rider.

Our professional casting house is among the best in the world and we are confident you will be fully satisfied with the quality of your purchase. Please be aware that while every effort is taken to create a flawless miniature no casting method is perfect and slight imperfections occasionally occur. These imperfections are nearly unnoticeable and can be easily removed or filled during assembly.

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